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Joseph Dadich

Mr. Dadich is a recognized expert and author in emergency estate planning, retirement planning, income tax mitigation, asset protection and complex criminal and tax litigation.

In addition to serving clients in Michigan (and the Tri-County area) Joseph travels the Country and has experience structuring tax and enterprise transactions, including corporate and limited liability company formations (domestic and offshore), acquisitions, dispositions and mergers, buy-sell agreements, partnership agreements, joint ventures, real estate acquisitions, dispositions and tax-deferred exchanges. Joseph has represented clients in complex criminal and civil IRS matters, litigated over 500 civil and probate contests and drafted Offshore/Domestic Asset Protection Trusts for clients.

He was named as Michigan's Rising Star for 2008 as named by SuperLawyers. He has served as the V.P. of the Attorney-CPA Association for the Detroit Chapter. In 2011, Joe authored a book entitled 'Celebrity Estate Plans Gone Bad - Secrets Eery Woman Needs to Prevent Emotional and Financial Turmoil When a Loved One Dies'.

Joe has an extensive background in tax and assisting business owners for almost 20 years combined experience. In September 1998 he received his CPA license from the State of Michigan. After working in public accounting for a period of 6 and a half years he attended Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Lansing, MI. He graduated in May 2001 from Cooleys condensed two-year law program. In addition, in May of 2003 he received his Master of Law in Taxation (L.L.M.) from Wayne State University Law School.

John Jamieson

The Perpetual Financing System along with Perpetual Wealth Systems is dedicated to showing people and businesses there are a better ways to create and protect wealth than what we are taught traditionally.   You see we all have been brainwashed to believe that we have to lose money in the stock market and watch our hard earn money float away down a financial drain.  Did you know that there are ways to make sure you never lose money in the stock market again?  Did you know that there are many more ways to create wealth than through a 401k in conjunction with the stock market?

J​​​​​ohn ​Jamieson is a serial entrepreneur who has been in business for over 20 years. John started out as a high school failure and college dropout. John has been fortunate to make a multiple 6 figure income in several different businesses. He is an expert at Real Estate investment, Marketing, Sales, and Perpetual Financing.  John is also a contributing author to AOL's DailyFinance and to Global Banking and Finance Review.

John has trained thousands of people at live events all over the United States and Canada. He is a sought after speaker and trainer who loves expanding peoples horizons. John is the best selling author of The Perpetual Wealth System which is a book teaching people how to combine the world of banking with cash flow real estate.

If you would like John to speak at your next event and teach The Perpetual Finance System, please contact us to check his availability.

We are a complete wealth strategy company that will show you how to stop losing money to banks, brokerage houses, and Uncle Sam.  We take a complete approach to wealth creation and preservation and work with an entire team of professionals to bring creative and rock solid strategies to the table for our clients.  Do you know how much money you will need to preserve your lifestyle in the future?  Do you know how much monthly income you will need?  If you have a figure in mind do you know how to guarantee your monthly income for years after you stop working?  99% of people have no real idea and no real numbers.  If you don’t have an idea or real numbers than obviously you have no plan in place to make sure those numbers are met.

Our clients get a customized wealth strategy plan combined with an income plan to make sure they have a prosperous abundance life that is lead with certainty and confidence.  Most people live in fear of the future because they have no real plan and don’t know how much money they will have.  With just a little homework, time on your part, and our help you can go through the years with total confidence that your money is protected and growing, and many times in a tax free environment.

Most people are investing and saving with tools that are out of date for today’s economy.  Would you be comfortable if your doctor were treating you with 1960’s technology?  Your dentist? Your mechanic? If the answer is no to all of the above, then why are you still using financial tools that were designed in the 1960’s?  The answer is because nobody has shown you a better way.  We have that better way and have helped people from all over the country secure their financial future.  Make sure you watch our free video and then understand that is just the tip of the iceberg in what we bring to the table.

We can offer you a complimentary wealth strategy session to gather some information about you and your personal situation.  From there we will build you a rock solid program to help you grow wealth, protect your money, and build your future income.  Get in touch with us and speak to one of our wealth strategists today.

All the Best,
John Jamieson
President of Perpetual Wealth Systems

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