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John speaking at a Trump Seminar

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Building Financial Blueprints of Little-Known, Powerful Strategies

Daily Finance, AOL's personal finance website
Contributing Author, John Jamieson

Kris Miller Money Maestro

"John Jamieson is an entertaining and informative guest for any show.  He explains an relatively unknown, but interesting topic in a way anyone can understand.  John brings a high energy presentation that will captivate your listeners."  Bryan Vanderhoof, KRMS AM/FM

Ozarks Today, Bryan Vanderhoof
1340 WGAU, Barbara Dooley
Middle Age is your Best Age, Roy Richards

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Nevada Corporate Planners, Scott Letourneau

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Erskine Overnight
Bonnie D. Graham Interview
John with Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul.
December 9, 2012  (listen online)
AcLearn About Detroit's Economy
December 4, 2012  (download)

"John Jamieson has created The Perpetual Wealth System which allows us to see things as they are not the way we've been told by bankers, Wall Street, or even Uncle Sam. If you feel you can handle the truth John delivers. John makes a lot of sense. He can deliver more usable information in one hour than I received in 4 years of college. Thank you, John Jamieson, for giving my listeners an opportunity to break free from the perpetual debt system into the Perpetual Wealth System. You're offering freedom for those who will embrace the opportunity."

Erskine Payton, Erskine Overnight; 40+ stations including KFNN Phoenix, WVLK Lexington. WVNJ NYC, KKGM Dallas, plus podcast & internet.