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“The book is one of the best books with regards to personal and generational wealth I've ever read.  The author's down to earth approach and deep understanding of successful investing make this a MUST READ."  Five stars, Published July 28, 2013 by Brian on

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. This amazing quick read shows you how to grow your financial wealth by taking control of your money. It teaches you to stop going with the traditional 401ks and "safe" retirement options. I highly recommend this book to anyone of any age, it's better to learn early on how to build your financial retirement.”  Five stars, Published June 21, 2013 by Christy Duckett on

"I've been working toward starting a business in real estate and have taken numerous classes toward that end (including one on buying foreclosures) and read a bunch of books.  There was some really key information here that I haven't found anywhere else, and that will definitely make it a lot easier for me to get started in the market more quickly and easily while presenting myself to other from the start in a professional manner.  As with John's other materials, it is apparent throughout that he both has an enviable depth of experience, and a genuine desire for others to succeed.  There is a step-by-step action plan included as well as some general business advise that is also very helpful.  This has proven to be an excellent part of my preparation for new ventures."

Wendy Frado - California

Perpetual Financing and Private Money Boot Camp

"This seminar was an incredible experience ans was explained in perfect detail.  These instructors are true mentors to the tee, they know everything there is to help and provide for people's futures.  Thank you very much." 

Corey DeBenedictis - Massachusetts

The Perpetual Wealth System book

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