Real Estate investment can be very profitable and the recent crash has created more opportunity than ever before.  One of the strategies we not only teach people, but also work with them personally to implement, is to buy nice inexpensive properties with a price range of $50,000 to $60,000.  These properties can be rented out for $800 to $1,000 per month.  This rent to value ratio creates a unique opportunity for tremendous cash on cash returns.

When you combine that strategy with Perpetual Financing Systems, you can structure your cash flow to flow through your perpetual financing system, creating tax free wealth.  This is NOT a self directed IRA where you lose access to the money until you retire. This is way more flexible and powerful than a self directed IRA.  When the money goes through your perpetual financing system, you can pull it right back out if you choose but most or all of the cash flow will be sheltered from income tax.  There are more things you need to know but this is one of the most powerful strategies available to Real Estate investors and yet almost nobody is using this strategy.

We not only teach you about it, but we work with you and do all the work to get your Perpetual Financing System set up and then work with you personally to find great cash flow properties in our area where you can create great rates of return.  Visit our real estate website at

Tax Free Real Estate Cash Flow Machine

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