Building Financial Blueprints of Little-Known, Powerful Strategies


"This seminar was amazing. I wish you guys had been doing this 20 years ago and I had found you then.  Thanks I can’t wait to get started with you."
COLIN M. - Connecticut

"This is one of the best seminars I have ever attended. Content was excellent and the presentations were very well done.  This is definitely a game changer."
TOM M. - Michigan

"I’ve been to a lot of real estate/money making seminars and I found this one to have the most value of them all. It’s a complete package using your own bank to real estate acquisition.  The team was very knowledgeable and interested in our success."
MARGARET T. - Hawaii

"A lot of great information and everyone was very helpful and took time to answer all of our questions.  I am excited to get going right away!" 
MARY K. - Oklahoma

"Excellent Training! So much information that is not available anywhere else.  The instructors know their subject matter inside and out.  They are honest trustworthy folks with a sense of humor!"
REGGIE W. - Louisiana

"This is a great class.  I am really excited about setting up my bank.  I also love the idea of being a private lender."
MICHELLE N. - California

"This class was very interesting and was loaded with great information.  Well worth the time and investment for the weekend."
KIM B. - Texas

"This weekend was packed with knowledge and ideas.  The instructors were clearly extremely educated, passionate, and committed to continuing to learn.  It was tremendously useful, and I look forward to working with them in many capacities."
WENDY F. - California

"I first met John during a real estate training seminar back in November 2010.  I was very impressed with John’s knowledge of all aspects of real estate, but the concept of Perpetual Financing peaked my interest.  I’ve been investing in stocks, all types of options, commodities and currencies for more than fifteen years and I had never heard of the concept of Perpetual Financing. My wife and I are currently using the funds in our whole life insurance policies to purchase four homes in Detroit this year at a discount from the peak market of 80% and renting them with a positive cash flow per month of $550.00.  By pulling the funds from the policies we continue to get the dividend on the total policy balance, plus the rental cash flow, plus the interest for the using the funds goes directly back to our policies.  Finally, all the earnings within the policy grow tax-free.
John and his team simplified and automated the entire transaction process.  From setting up the whole life insurance policy, finding high quality properties in Detroit at great discounts, closing, taxes, insurance, renting to high quality tenants and property management.
Finally, we plan to hold onto the properties for three to five years with the monthly positive cash flow and eventually sell the properties at an estimated 100% return, or more on our funds.  John and his team will also handle the selling of the properties once the time is right.
A complete end-to-end solution." 
JAY H. - Washington

"I just spent three remarkable days with John Jamieson who was the main lecturer for a seminar in Los Angeles. He is a natural teacher, experienced investor and for me the whole package…  John has hit the top of my Guru Chart…  I recommend to all those investors who have been looking like geniuses because of a strong local economy it’s time to listen and get some real methods and ideas from John Jamieson who knows how to make money in a challenged market."

"As a national professional speaker, I always thought I was an outside the box thinker when it came to marketing my business dealings. What a treat and literal paradigm shift when John and I had the chance to work together. I was coached by the master himself!"
DENNIS DINOIA, National Trainer - Florida

"Mr. Jamieson was recently facilitating a training class in real estate. His knowledge, experience, and communication skills really helped open my eyes and perception into new ideas, concepts and strategies into the Real Estate Market. Mr. Jamieson’s methods and strategies are tested proven and allotted economic gains for himself and his business. I highly commend his support, expertise, and facilitating techniques in the area of investing settings."

"We first thank you for all your help with our first home. Besides being a great instructor in which you taught us a lot. You were great at answering our questions about this whole process…  We followed your advice and got a toll free number and put the house on our website (that was so easy). We had our first open house on a Sunday. We had an offer four days later and closed on the property in two weeks. Our profit was $25,000."
JACQUI & CHRIS H. - Michigan